August, 2018


Dear Firefighters, Retirees, Scholarship Recipients and Friends,

Welcome one and all! I would like to thank you for your continued faithful support of the Dennis W. Holder Scholarship Fund, dba Houston Firefighters’ Scholarship Fund. Now, more than ever, fundraising is very competitive; there are more firefighter related 501 (c) 3 organizations in Houston competing for the same dollars than ever before. The Dennis W. Holder Scholarship Fund is, if I am not mistaken, the eldest 501 (c) 3 fund of its kind. The fund was designed to offer college scholarships to firefighter children and grandchildren, and has been very successful in doing so. The reason for the Funds success is clear, it is because of special people like you; it is because of your gracious giving that the Dennis W. Holder Scholarship Fund continues to make a difference in the educational lives of so many. Thanks to you, the faithful contributors and supporters of Houston Firefighters, the Fund continues to thrive; to you, we owe a debt of gratitude.

The fund is working to expand its abilities to create methods to generate more income in efforts to continue providing college scholarships to deserving children. Opportunities are being sought to generate new means of revenue through on-line store sales of firefighter-related goods, and various events in the community, to bring awareness to the fund. We want to keep a positive view of the Dennis W. Holder Scholarship Fund brand in the public domain.

This year, our 14th anniversary, the Fund has surpassed the $3.4 million mark in contributions by granting $750 per student to 255 qualified applicants. To date, the Fund has given financial assistance to over 5,535 students, who are the children and grandchildren of Houston Firefighters. Higher-education is a crucial component in today’s ever-changing environment and the Fund is investing in tomorrow’s leaders, tomorrow’s heroes.

The Dennis W. Holder Scholarship Fund was created to help firefighters’ and their families, but it also bears the name of one of Houston’s brave heroes, Dennis W. Holder. It bears his name in order to honor his memory and stands as proof of his dedication to the future successes of Houston Firefighters. Dennis was instrumental in obtaining many of the legislative decrees and pension benefits we enjoy today, he was also a believer in education. What better way to honor a man’s name than to associate it with a Fund that generates financial support for the education of future heroes.

We honor Dennis Holder, on this, our 14th anniversary, by ensuring that firefighter children and grandchildren have a greater opportunity for a brighter future through higher-education.


Harold W. McDonald, Chairman

Dennis W. Holder Scholarship Fund