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Dennis W. Holder Scholarship Fund

Fall 2021 Scholarship Application Overview, Guidelines & Checklist

Funded by Active and Retired City of Houston Firefighters, Special Events,
Grants & Community and Corporate Support

Application Open Monday, March 1 & Closes Friday, June 25 @ 4 p.m CST

About:The Dennis W. Holder Scholarship (DWHSF) will be awarded to children or grandchildren, either biological or adopted, of active or retired City of Houston Firefighters, or members who have received, or are currently receiving pension benefits from the Houston Firefighters’ Relief & Retirement Fund, to attend an accredited college, university or technical training school. Awards are based on the eligibility requirements
listed below, as well as the successful completion of the online scholarship application with required documents. The DWHSF scholarship will be awarded 1 per year for a total maximum of 4 awards. Scholarships will be mailed directly to the applicant’s college of choice to be used toward the payment of tuition and other expenses. Scholarship recipients who have met the criteria will receive a congratulatory form by email. The form must be filled out and sent to the DWHSF via email at hfdscholarship@gmail.combefore any checks will be issued to the college. Applicants who did not meet the necessary eligibility requirements will be notified via email. The denial letter will contain the reason for the denial, including an incomplete submission, uploading incorrect documentation, official college transcript with final semester grades not received before the 4 p.m CST. deadline, a culminated college GPA below 2.0, student took more than one break between classes, student graduated high school before 2019, or the student missed the 4 p.m CST. deadline on Friday, June 25, etc.

Amount: Scholarship award amounts are determined annually by the Dennis W. Holder Scholarship Fund volunteer Board of Directors, and are based on the amount raised in the previous fiscal year by the DWHSF.

Deadline: Online application and documents must be received no later than 4 p.m CST, Friday, June 25

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To be eligible to receive a scholarship:

For additional information, questions, or clarification, please contact the DWHSF:
Phone: 281-385-8525 Fax: 866-277-0008
Mailing Address: DWHSF, P.O. Box 455, Humble, TX 77347